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Hello everyone! My name is Layla & I am a young entrepreneur striving to turn my passion for Lemonades into a household name! A name that can always be trusted to make you feel great about what you & your loved ones are putting in your bodies. My Lemonades are always made fresh & with your health in mind!

I am ten (10), almost eleven (11) years old & have already been in sales & business with my family for almost four (7) years & have owned my own Boutique Lemonade Business based out of Avondale, AZ since 2018. I am excited you stopped by & am looking forward to making your Lemonade & seeing you soon!!


I started my Lemonade business based on the idea of helping hard working people stay healthy & hydrated through our grueling Phoenix summers! From there I switched my focus to what would be the best, most unique, refreshing & memorable lemonade options you will find! Momma & I work hard to deliver the best signature flavor infusions along with choosing the freshest organic (*depending on seasons*) & highest quality local ingredients!

After trying your first cup, the right question will be; 'Why not Lemonade?'


I am on a mission to provide you the very best Lemonade you'll find, not only in Arizona but anywhere! More specifically; my mission is to provide a product that can be consumed by anyone that not only makes you feel good, but is truly good for you! My Lemonades are offered with NO Glycemic options, are made without the use of fillers, preservatives or artificial anything. They are always vegan, farm to table, organic (*depending on seasons*), locally sourced &/or non-GMO & are made to order. Layla's Lemonades promises your lemonade will always be naturally delicious & distinctly unique!

I always promise to provide you & your family with something that you all can share & will be a part of your memories forever. With strong fruits & herbs infused with the perfect mix of lemons & other secret, but healthy ingredients - Layla's Lemonades is sure to make a lasting impression!

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